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         Ben Rhouma Industries BRI. Company has obtained on November 19th, 1999 the certification of its quality system according to the international standards DIN EN ISO 9002.

         This certification, jointly awarded by TÜV-CERT and TUNICERT has been granted to BRI. For its activities of boilerworks, metal construction, pipeline-insulation assembly and dismantling, surface treatment and thermal treatment.
          This honour rewards a work on quality undertaken on all the levels of the enterprise.

         A real recognition of its competence and its know-how, the certification TÜV-CERT constitutes a passport in its integrality to have access to new national and international markets. Being an international reference, the certificate TÜV-CERT is awarded only after a rigorous analysis of the quality system of the enterprise in accordance with the ISO 9000 standards. Consequently, Ben Rhouma Industries BRI Company jointly certified by TÜV-CERT and TUNICERT belongs to the circle of enterprises recognized as being the most performing in the market, to which both clients and suppliers grand their confidence.